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Design & Development

Whether you seek a complete service or an ancillary role, our team is creative, conversant in multiple industry-standard CAD packages, and qualified to support you at all stages of product realisation.

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3D Scanning

Utilising up-to-the-minute scanning system technology, 3-dimensional 'armless' scanning can be performed on or off-site. Object size and accuracy are no longer restrictions in most environments. Shape capture, reverse engineering and inspection are all possible, and available on request.

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5-Axis CNC Machining

We manufacture our own tooling for in-house production processes. Our industry-leading facility offers a robust combination of versatile, high-accuracy machinery, fully-integrated high-end CAD-CAM systems, the latest proven tooling material technologies, and driven by highly-skilled specialist operators. We offer the services of this unique manufacturing capability to clients who seek the best support, the best result, and combined with our 3D inspection capabilities, absolute confidence.

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Heat & Noise

Through measurement, evaluation, intelligent prototyping and proven expertise in these specialised fields, we achieve material specification and product design with confidence. Coupled with in-house tooling manufacture and low-volume production capabilities, few can offer a comparable service. Strategic relationships with raw-material producers further contribute to a professional result which compliments or integrates seamlessly with factory components.

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Plastics & Composites

Thermoforming processes incorporating vacuum and pressure assistance are central to our in-house capabilities. We apply digitally-based design, manufacture and verification technologies to process the latest sheet-polymer materials available on the international market. Where composites are the material of choice, we utilise supplier expertise to deliver quality lamination or fabrication. Components formed from a wide range of plastics or composites are trimmed and deburred using 5-axis CNC routers to achieve the best possible accuracy and repeatability.

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Soft Trim

Soft trim is our heritage, having commercialised a unique technique for the manufacture of ‘diamond button trim’ in the 1990’s which remains unmatched in the marketplace today. In-fact we manufacture a broad range of interior trim products. 3-dimensional forms are our specialty, with the capabilities and expertise to manufacture directly from CAD, or from existing products using reverse-engineering techniques. Products include flooring, header trims, door panels, dashboards, decorative inserts and cab insulation to name a few. We also combine vehicle interior and exterior components to achieve an overall solution, for example after-market cab widows or cab storage locker doors.

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